Agreed Values


Here at Cherished Car Insurance, we understand it is important for our customers to be able to have agreed values against your vehicle should the worst happen. We appreciate that the work and care that has been taken to restore vehicles to former glories, means that many of the vehicles will be appreciating as opposed to depreciating. Having an agreed value will mean that you have that peace of mind should anything go wrong that you are appropriately covered.

From vintage cars, to more modern classics, kit cars & 4x4's we can look to offer an agreed value. We do require photographs of your vehicle, in order for us to look at an agreed value and we would recommend you follow these steps;

     1- When taking the photographs ensure that your vehicle is out in the open with no other                         vehicles close by.
     2- Make sure that your car is clean inside and out so that we can gain a true idea of the current               condition of your vehicle.
     3- We do require recent colour photographs, so ensure that you use a good quality camera.

We will require photographs showing the following for your vehicle;

     1- Drivers and passengers side of the vehicle, ensuring that the full length and height of the                    vehicle is included.
     2- The front and the rear, ensuring that the licence plate is shown (where applicable), including             the full height of the vehicle.
     3- Engine Bay, please ensure that the whole engine bay is shown, for mid engined cars, a                         photograph through the engine cover is acceptable.
     4- Interior, we require a photograph showing the interior of the vheicle, showing the dashboard,           gearbox, steering wheel.
     5 -If your vehicle is a Campervan, please include at least one phototgraphs of the living area in               the rear of the vehicle.

This should be a total of 6 photographs at least, for the purposes of agreeing the value.

Additionally, any specialist valuations or invoices to show the work completed can be sent in order to support your valuation.


Once you have taken your photographs

You can send your photographs and other supporting evidence to us either by post or email. 

Email - Send all your photographs in an email to us at, ensure you quote your client reference.

Post - If you rather send your photographs in the post, please send them the following address;

Cherished Car Insurance
10 The Enterprise Centre
Coxbridge Business Park
Farnham, Surrey
GU10 5EH


If you require any advise or want to discuss having an agreed value  with us please do contact us either by phoning our office or sending an email.